Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

It is Ocean Systems’ formal policy to adhere to the requirements and guidelines of federal Regulation P, Privacy of Consumer Financial Information, as part of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of the U.S. Legislature as it relates to maintaining the confidentiality of customer records, when and if, its staff and/or contract personnel are exposed to such records during the course of:

  • • Software installation
  • • System upgrades or enhancements
  • • Employee/user training at a financial institution
  • • Problem resolution

Ocean Systems’ employees or contractors will not share, copy or print customer information records unless specifically requested by a client or financial institution. In such instances, the bank will maintain all customer records. Ocean Systems personnel will not remove such customer information from the client’s premises.


Ocean Systems to Sponsor Upcoming FIBA AML Conference
Ocean Systems will again sponsor the Florida International Banking Association's AML Conference. The 14th Annual Money Laundering Compliance Conference will be held in Miami on February 20 - 21, 2014.
Ocean Systems participates in CBANC webinar regarding the evolution of AML Transaction Monitoring So
This video is a recording of Ocean Systems' presentation during CBANC's webinar on the evolution of AML Transaction Monitoring Solutions.
Ocean Systems releases FedLink 7.8 to comply with latest changes of Dodd Frank Regulation E
FedLink Release 7.8 was made available to comply with the requirements set forth by the Remittance Transfer Regulation, an amendment to Regulation E, as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Much of the functionality was already implemented in Release 7.7 prior to the last amendment to the ruling, yet some modifications and enhancements were made in Release 7.8 to address the latest changes.
FedLink Anywhere 4.1 interfaces with WellsXchange to obtain live FX Rates from Wells Fargo.
Users of FedLink Anywhere may now obtain live Foreign Exchange Rates from Wells Fargo when preparing international wire transfer payments. For consumer remittances, the user is presented with a pre-payment disclosure that incldues the FX Rate, third party fees, and delivery date, to comply with the Dodd Frank Regulation E.